About Us


Amour Classique meaning Classic Love in English is an upcoming high level online fashion store for women. We specialized in delivering women most wanted sexy styles such as women’s lingerie, sleepwear, beachwear, athletic and lounge wear. We are on a mission to champion, celebrate and advocate for women and the causes that matter most to them and through the transformative power of our products and experiences bring inspiration, confidence, comfort and joy to women around the world. 

Although our brand are primarily known for lingerie, our brand power extends much further. Together and individually, our brand help customers feel bold, sexy and powerful. They come together to empower and uplift women in every stage of their life.


Our team assignment is to ensure every women desires are fulfilled. We work around-the-clock to bring you the hottest and sexiest styles. We listen to our customers and are always finding ways to improve and deliver the most desired styles. It’s our top priority to ensure that our Amour Classique community always feels confident, sexy and included.


Amour Classique was founded in 2020 and has been privately owned and operated by CEO Denise Sumo. With the love of fashion, especially being sexy, Sumo believed that every women should feel sexy and deserves to own an apparel such as lingerie that matches her sexy clothing desires. Sumo started  by bringing sexy lingerie and panties for women to the forefront of the affordable fashion industry, then ended up adding apparel such as sleepwear, beachwear, sportwear and more. She uses Instagram as a platform to connect and relate to customers. In 2021, Sumo launched the brand’s online store, and is working on satisfying all her customers wishes. Like Joseline Hernandez said "Your wish is my command".